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Zinc - Iron Plating

It is one of the coating processes which are highly demanded in industry sector and attract attention with its corrosion efficiency.

Zinc-Iron alloy plating has various advantages. Zinc-Iron is a proven electrolytic plating process to combat corrosion of metal. This provides additional corrosion strength compared to standard zinc. Thickness distribution is more stable, but also has superior slipperiness, hardness and ductility properties. Electrolyzed Zinc-Iron; deep, rich black plating is one of the most successful and widespread choices.

Mikrosan which builded up in Dörtyol Sanayi Sitesi in Sakarya in 1993. Today it continue to provide electro-galvanized zinc plating services in Sakarya and surrounding areas in 2200 m² open area and 600 m² closed area in Erenler Kozluk.


Our Contacts

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